What is Invoice Financing ?

How does Invoice financing platforms like KredX work?

About Invoice Financing Services - Kredx

KredX is India's largest invoice discounting platform. KredX provides investors with a unique opportunity to invest and diversify their portfolios quickly and efficiently.

Through the KredX platform, investors can invest in pre-vetted invoices raised against blue-chip companies and get a chance to earn lucrative returns seamlessly.

Why invest with KredX?

  • Earn high returns between ~12-20%** ARR in a short period
  • Diversify your portfolio without the risk of market volatility
  • Robust legal framework for minimal risk exposure
  • Pre-vetted invoices to maximize yield at minimal risk
  • Detailed credit analysis of sellers and their financials for investor security

What are the key features of the KredX Invest App?

Investing Made Easy: With KredX, investing in multi-asset classes is simple, fast, and secure at the click of a button.

Paperless On-boarding: Unlike other investment platforms, enjoy a seamless & paperless on-boarding in just a few easy steps from the comfort of your home.

Diversify Your Portfolio: One app to diversify your portfolio - invest in a wide range of asset classes like invoice discounting, digital gold and bonds with pre-vetted prices and interest rates.

Real-time Portfolio Performance: Get real-time insights on your portfolio from a single holistic dashboard which will help you track your investment.

Enhanced Security: Experience an easy, fast & secured investing experience with the KredX Invest App - create an MPIN, or use touchID, to securely login to your account.

Revamped Dashboard: With our all-new dashboard, get access to investment insights, access a wide range of asset classes & diversify your portfolio.

Manage Funds: The all-new KredX app comes loaded with intuitive features like - managing and & withdrawing funds - all in a single click.

Live Chat With Support Team: After everything, a responsive & supportive customer experience is essential. KredX customer support won't disappoint you.

What is unique about the KredX Invest app?

  • One-click withdrawal to your bank account
  • Get real-time notifications on new deals on the platform
  • Manage your portfolio on the go and much more!

Download App - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kredxinvest

Website Link - https://www.kredx.com

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