How to Check/Increase Account limit in Pnb One Mobile App ?

How to Check/Increase Account limit in Pnb One Mobile App ?

How to Check limit through Pnb One Mobile App ?

Here's a useful guide:

Open the PNB One Mobile App:

install the pnb app
install the pnb app

Login to Your Account:

  • Log in using your PNB account credentials, such as username and password.
  • Look for a section in the app that provides an overview or dashboard of your accounts.

Select the Specific Account:

  • If you have multiple accounts linked to the app, select the specific account for which you want to check the limit.

Explore Account Details:

  • Once you've selected the account, explore the account details section. This might include options like "Account Information," "Account Details," or something similar.

Check for Limits:

  • Within the account details, look for information related to account limits. This could include daily transaction limits, withdrawal limits, or any other relevant limits imposed on the account.

Review Settings or Profile Section:

  • Sometimes, account limit information can be found in the settings or profile section of the app. Look for options like "Account Settings" or "Profile Settings."

Contact Customer Support:

  • If you're unable to find the information within the app, consider reaching out to PNB customer support. They can provide guidance on where to locate account limit details.

Check App Documentation:

  • Review any user guides or documentation provided within the app. This information might be available in the help section or within the app settings.

ii. How to Increase account limit ?

We can provide you with general information on how you might typically increase account limits in banking apps:

Contact Customer Support:

  • Check within the PNB One mobile app for a "Help" or "Support" section. There might be contact details for customer support or a helpline.
  • Call the customer support number provided and inquire about increasing your account limits. They will guide you through the process if it's possible through the app.

Visit a Branch:

  • If you are unable to find an option in the app, consider visiting your nearest PNB branch. The bank staff can assist you with the necessary procedures to increase your account limits.

Check Documentation Requirements:

  • Be prepared to provide any required documentation or information to support your request for a limit increase. This may vary depending on the bank's policies and the type of account you have.

Review Terms and Conditions:

  • Look for terms and conditions related to account limits within the app or on the bank's official website. Understanding these terms can give you insights into whether the limits can be increased and what conditions need to be met.

Use Online Banking Services:

  • Some banks allow users to manage their account settings, including limit increases, through online banking services on their website. Check if PNB offers such services on their official website.

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