Hanuman Jayanti: A Complete Guide of Hanuman Janmotsav 2024

Hanuman Jayanti: A Complete Guide of Hanuman Janmotsav 2024

Hanuman Jayanti, also known as Hanuman Janmotsav, is a significant Hindu festival celebrated to commemorate the birth of Lord Hanuman, the revered deity known for his strength, devotion, and unwavering loyalty to Lord Rama. This auspicious occasion holds immense cultural and religious significance for millions of devotees around the world. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the origins, traditions, rituals, and significance of Hanuman Jayanti, particularly focusing on the observance in the year 2024.

Origins and Legend:

  • The legend of Hanuman traces back to the epic Ramayana, one of the most revered scriptures in Hindu mythology. Hanuman, also known as Anjaneya or Maruti, is believed to be the son of Anjana and Kesari. According to Hindu scriptures, Hanuman is an incarnation of Lord Shiva and is considered the epitome of devotion, courage, and selflessness.
  • Hanuman's unwavering devotion to Lord Rama, depicted in the Ramayana, is legendary. He played a crucial role in the rescue of Sita, the wife of Lord Rama, from the clutches of the demon king Ravana. Hanuman's remarkable feats, including his leap across the ocean to reach Lanka, are celebrated in various religious texts and folklore.

Celebration of Hanuman Jayanti:

  • Hanuman Jayanti (Hanuman Janmotsav 2024) is observed on the full moon day (Purnima) of the Hindu lunar month of Chaitra, which typically falls in March or April according to the Gregorian calendar. Devotees throng temples dedicated to Hanuman, where special prayers and rituals are conducted to honor the deity.
  • The festivities begin with devotees waking up early in the morning and taking a ritual bath. They then visit Hanuman temples, often carrying offerings such as flowers, fruits, and sweets. Many devotees observe fasts and perform special pujas to seek the blessings of Lord Hanuman for strength, courage, and protection from evil forces.
  • In addition to traditional prayers and rituals, Hanuman Jayanti is marked by the recitation of Hanuman Chalisa, a hymn composed by the saint Tulsidas in praise of Hanuman. Devotees chant the verses of Hanuman Chalisa with reverence, believing it to invoke the blessings and protection of Hanuman.

Hanuman Jayanti 2024: Date and Observance:

  • In the year 2024, Hanuman Jayanti (Hanuman Janmotsav 2024)  will be celebrated with great fervor and enthusiasm on the 23 April. Devotees across the globe will come together to commemorate the birth of Lord Hanuman and seek his divine blessings.
  • The observance of Hanuman Jayanti varies from region to region, with different customs and traditions being followed. In some places, elaborate processions featuring idols of Hanuman are taken out, accompanied by devotional songs and chants. These processions are often a sight to behold, with devotees dressed in colorful attire and adorned with garlands of flowers.

Significance of Hanuman Jayanti:

  • Hanuman Jayanti(Hanuman Janmotsav 2024)  holds immense significance for devotees, serving as a reminder of the virtues embodied by Lord Hanuman. His unwavering devotion, selfless service, and indomitable courage inspire millions to lead a righteous life and overcome obstacles with faith and perseverance.
  • The festival also symbolizes the victory of good over evil, as depicted in the Ramayana. Lord Hanuman's role in assisting Lord Rama in his battle against the forces of darkness serves as a timeless example of righteousness prevailing in the face of adversity.


  • Hanuman Jayanti is not merely a religious festival but a celebration of the eternal values of devotion, courage, and selflessness epitomized by Lord Hanuman. As devotees come together to honor the birth of this revered deity, they find inspiration and solace in his divine presence.
  • In the year 2024, as we celebrate Hanuman Jayanti(Hanuman Janmotsav 2024) with fervor and devotion, let us strive to imbibe the virtues of Hanuman in our lives and walk the path of righteousness with unwavering faith and determination. May the blessings of Lord Hanuman bring peace, prosperity, and happiness to all. Jai Hanuman!

This comprehensive guide provides insights into the origins, traditions, rituals, and significance of Hanuman Jayanti, shedding light on the timeless wisdom and spiritual significance of this auspicious occasion.


When is the real Hanuman Jayanti?

  • Every year across the country, the birth anniversary of Lord Hanuman ji is celebrated with great enthusiasm on the full moon day of Chaitra month. This time Hanuman Jayanti will be celebrated on 23rd April. On this special occasion, special worship and fasting of Lord Hanuman ji is done.

When is Hanuman ji's birth celebrated?

  • According to the Hindu calendar, the birth anniversary of Hanuman ji is celebrated on the full moon date of Shukla Paksha of Chaitra month. Hanuman's birth anniversary in the year 2024 is on 23rd April, Tuesday.

When is Hanuman ji's birthday in 2024?

  • Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated on one full moon day of Shukla Paksha of Chaitra month and on the other on Chaturdashi date of Krishna Paksha of Kartik month. According to the Panchang, this year's first Hanuman Jayanti will be celebrated with more enthusiasm on Tuesday, April 23, 2024.

When is Hanuman Jayanti celebrated according to the Hindu calendar?

  • Hanuman's birth is considered to be on two dates in North and South India. The first is the date of Chaitra month and the second is the date of Krishna Paksha of Kartik month. According to the Panchang, Chaitra Purnima Tithi will start at 03.25 am on 23 April 2024 and will end at 05.18 am on 24 April 2024

What is the name of Hanuman ji's guru?

  • Hanuman ji had made Suryadev his guru. When Hanuman ji grew up a little and became capable of receiving education, his parents sent him to Suryadev to receive education.

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