How to Block Atm Card in Axis Bank Mobile App ?

How to Block Atm Card in Axis Bank Mobile App ?

Here is a general outline of how you might block your Axis Bank ATM card using the mobile app:

Open the Axis Bank Mobile App:

  • If you haven't already, download the Axis Bank mobile app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and log in using your credentials.

Find the 'Services' Section:

  • Once you're logged in, navigate to the profile and Go to the 'Services' section of the app. It might be labeled as 'profile' depending on the app's version.
click service and support option
click service and support option

Select 'Debit Card Services' or 'Card Services':

  • Look for the option that specifically mentions 'Debit Card Services' or 'Card Services' within the 'Services' section.
Debit Card Services
Debit Card Services

Choose 'Block Card' or 'Lost Card' Option:

  • Within the 'Debit Card Services' or 'Card Services' section, you should find an option to 'Block Card' or 'Lost Card' Select that option.

Verify the Card Details:

  • The app might prompt you to confirm the card details, such as the card number and other security information, to ensure that you are blocking the correct card.

Confirm the Blocking Process:

  • Once you have verified the details, the app may ask you to confirm the blocking process. Be sure to read any warning messages or notifications carefully before proceeding.

Generate a Request or Confirmation Number:

  • After confirming, the app should provide you with a request or confirmation number for your reference. Make sure to note this down for any future correspondence or follow-up.

Follow Up with Customer Support:

  • To ensure that the card is blocked successfully, consider contacting Axis Bank's customer support immediately after using the app. This step will help you confirm that the block has been implemented and prevent any unauthorized transactions.

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