How to do Aadhar KYC with PNB One App ?

How to do Adhar KYC with PNB One App ?

PNB KYC: e-KYC using Mobile:

To complete e-KYC through mobile, a customer must use the IBS/PNB ONE module and submit a self-declaration that includes their current address, yearly income, and annual turnover (if applicable), as well as OTP-based Aadhaar authentication.

The general process for Aadhar KYC using a mobile banking app typically involves the following steps:

Know your Customer
Know your Customer

Download the App:

Login to the App:

  • Enter your credentials (user ID and password) to log in to the PNB One App.

Locate Aadhar KYC Section:

  • After logging in, navigate through the app to find the section for Aadhar KYC. This section may be located under the 'Services' or 'Profile' section of the app.

Initiate the Process:

  • Click on the 'Aadhar KYC' or similar option to initiate the KYC process. The app will likely ask you to enter your Aadhar number and other necessary details.

Verify Aadhar Details:

  • Ensure that you enter the correct Aadhar number and other required details. Cross-verify the information to avoid any errors.
  • Provide the necessary consent and permissions required for the app to access your Aadhar details and verify them.

Biometric Authentication (if required):

  • Depending on the app's features and requirements, you may be prompted to undergo biometric authentication. This can involve fingerprint or iris scanning, and it is a step to verify your identity.

Confirm and Submit:

  • Once all the necessary information is provided and verified, review the details and click on the 'Submit' or 'Confirm' button to complete the Aadhar KYC process.

Confirmation and Acknowledgment:

  • After successful submission, the app should provide you with a confirmation message or a reference number for your records. Save this information for future reference.

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