How to Get a Personal loan through Yono Sbi app?

How to Get a Personal loan through Yono Sbi App?

Here's a useful guide:

Download and Install YONO SBI App:

  • Ensure you have the YONO SBI app installed on your smartphone. You can download it from the App Store (for iOS devices) or Google Play Store (for Android devices).
Download and Install YONO SBI App
Download and Install YONO SBI App


  • If you're not already a user, you'll need to register on the app. For existing users, log in using your credentials.
  • Once logged in, navigate to the 'Loans' section. This may be located in the main menu or on the home screen, depending on the app's layout.
Navigate to 'Loans' Section
Navigate to 'Loans' Section

Choose 'Personal Loan':

  • Look for the option that specifically mentions "Personal Loan" or similar. Select that option.

Check Eligibility:

  • The app will typically prompt you to check your eligibility for a personal loan. This involves entering relevant information such as your income, employment details, and other personal details.

Submit Required Documents:

  • After checking your eligibility, you may be required to submit necessary documents. These documents might include proof of identity, address, income, and other relevant information.

Loan Amount and Terms:

  • Specify the loan amount you're looking for and the repayment terms. The app may provide you with options based on your eligibility.

Review and Submit:

  • Review all the details you've provided and ensure they are accurate. Submit the application.

Approval Process:

  • After submitting your application, the bank will review it. This may involve a credit check and an assessment of your financial status.

Loan Disbursement:

  • If your application is approved, the loan amount will be disbursed to your linked bank account.


  • Ensure you are aware of the repayment schedule and make timely payments.

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