How to Update KYC in Yono Sbi App?

How to Update KYC in Yono Sbi App?

Here is a useful guide based on the typical process:

Open the SBI Yono App:

  • Ensure that you have the latest version of the SBI Yono app installed on your smartphone.


  • Log in to your Yono app using your credentials, such as username and password.
  • Look for a section in the app related to KYC or profile settings. This could be in the "Profile" or "Settings" menu.
Navigate to KYC Section
Navigate to KYC Section

Update KYC Details:

  • Once in the KYC section, you may find an option to update or verify your KYC details. Select this option.

Provide/Verify Information:

  • Follow the on-screen instructions to provide or verify the required information. This might include personal details, contact information, and documents like Aadhaar card, PAN card, passport, etc.

Document Upload (if required):

  • If the KYC update involves document submission, the app may prompt you to upload the necessary documents. Make sure you have clear and valid copies of the required documents.

Submit Information:

  • Complete the submission process as instructed by the app. Ensure that all the required fields are filled correctly, and any uploaded documents meet the specified criteria.

Visit Branch (if required):

  • Depending on the KYC update process, you may be required to visit the nearest SBI branch for in-person verification. Check the app for guidance on whether this step is necessary.


  • After submitting the KYC update, you should receive a confirmation message on the app. This may take some time for processing.

Check KYC Status:

  • Some apps provide a feature to check the status of your KYC update. If available, use this feature to ensure that your KYC has been successfully updated.

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