How to use LazyPay?

How to use LazyPay?

Explain lazypay:

We can provide a useful explanation of the concept of "pay later" or "lazy pay."

"Lazy Pay" or "pay later" services typically refer to payment solutions that allow users to make purchases and defer the payment to a later date. These services are a form of credit or financing, often offered by financial technology (fintech) companies. Here's a breakdown in easy words:


LazyPay, like many other "pay later" services, typically operates through a mobile app, making it convenient for users to manage their transactions on the go.

Download and Install the App:


  • Open the LazyPay app.
  • Register for an account by providing the required information, which may include your personal and financial details.

Linking Payment Method:

  • Link your preferred payment method to the LazyPay app. This could be a credit/debit card, bank account, or other accepted payment methods.

Browse Partner Merchants:

  • Explore the app to find partner merchants where LazyPay is accepted.
  • Select the merchant or online store where you want to make a purchase.

Select LazyPay at Checkout:

  • When you're ready to make a purchase, proceed to the checkout page.
  • Choose LazyPay as your payment method.

Verify Purchase Details:

  • Confirm the details of your purchase, including the total amount and any additional fees or charges.

Deferred Payment Options:

  • LazyPay typically provides options for deferred payment. Choose your preferred repayment plan, whether it's a lump sum payment at a later date or installment payments.

Review and Confirm:

  • Review the terms and conditions of the LazyPay service, including any applicable fees or interest.
  • Confirm your decision to use LazyPay for the transaction.

Complete the Purchase:

  • Once you've confirmed your payment details, complete the purchase. You should receive a confirmation of your transaction.


  • Repay the deferred amount according to the agreed-upon terms. This could involve making payments on a specified due date or following a schedule provided by LazyPay.

Monitor Transactions:

  • Use the app to monitor your transaction history, check repayment due dates, and manage your LazyPay account.


Can I pay on Amazon using LazyPay?

  • No, the option to directly pay on Amazon using LazyPay is not available.

Can I transfer money from LazyPay to my bank account?

  • Yes, LazyPay allows you to transfer money to your bank account, but charges and terms may apply.

Can I withdraw money using LazyPay?

  • Yes, you can withdraw money to your bank account through LazyPay. This process is known as 'LazyPay Cash Advance,' where users can get an instant loan up to a certain amount, which has to be repaid later according to the chosen repayment schedule. Interest rates and fees may apply.

Is LazyPay safe?

  • Yes, LazyPay is a secure payment option. It uses high-level encryption technology and security protocols to keep users' financial information safe.

How does LazyPay work?

  • LazyPay is a digital payment solution that offers users the convenience of shopping without making immediate payments. It operates on the principle of 'Buy Now, Pay Later.' Users can make purchases and have a timeframe (e.g., 15 days) to repay the amount without any interest. Users need to register with LazyPay and receive a credit limit, which they can use for their purchases.

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