How to Use Paytm Business?

How to Use Paytm Business?

Paytm Business is a platform offered by Paytm to help merchants and businesses manage their transactions, payments, and other financial activities.
Using Paytm for business involves a few straightforward steps to enable you to accept digital payments from customers, manage transactions, and utilize additional financial services. Here's a useful guide on how to get started and use Paytm for your business.

Getting Started:

Create a Paytm Business Account:

  • Visit the Paytm Business website or download the Paytm for Business app.
  • Sign up for a business account by providing the necessary details.
Getting Started
Getting Started

Verify Your Account:

  • Complete the verification process as required by providing relevant documents.
Verify Your Account
Verify Your Account
Verify Your Account
Verify Your Account

Using Paytm Business Dashboard:

Dashboard Overview:

  • Once logged in, you'll find a dashboard that provides an overview of your business transactions, settlements, and other important information.
Dashboard Overview
Dashboard Overview

Accepting Payments:

  • Generate a Paytm QR code for your business, and display it at your store.
  • Customers can scan the QR code using the Paytm app to make payments.
Accepting Payments
Accepting Payments

Online Payments:

  • Integrate Paytm as a payment gateway on your website or mobile app to accept online payments.

Managing Transactions:

Transaction History:

  • View and manage your transaction history through the Paytm Business dashboard.

Refunds and Cancellations:

  • Process refunds and handle cancellations through the dashboard.

Financial Management:


  • Monitor and manage the settlement of funds to your bank account.


  • Create and send invoices to your customers directly through the Paytm Business platform.

Bank Linking:

  • Link your business bank account for seamless fund transfers.

Customer Engagement:

Cashback and Offers:

  • Create cashback and promotional offers to attract and retain customers.
Cashback and Offers
Cashback and Offers


  • Stay informed about transactions, settlements, and other important updates through notifications.

Customer Support:

Customer Support:


Security Measures:

  • Follow best practices for security to protect your Paytm Business account and transactions.

Additional Features (as applicable):

Loan Services:

  • Paytm may offer financial services such as business loans to eligible merchants.

Marketing Tools:

  • Explore marketing tools and features to promote your business through the Paytm platform.

Updates and Changes:

Stay Informed:

  • Regularly check for updates and changes to Paytm Business policies and features.


How do I set up a Paytm Business account?

  • To set up a Paytm Business account, visit the Paytm for Business website and click on the 'Sign Up' button. You'll need to provide your business details, such as your business name, PAN, and bank account information. Verification of documents is required to activate your account fully.

Is Paytm for Business free?

  • Paytm for Business charges transaction fees but does not have a setup or subscription fee.

What are the charges for using Paytm Business?

  • Paytm Business charges a nominal fee for transactions processed through its platform. The fees can vary based on the type of transaction and the payment methods used. It's best to check the latest fees on the Paytm Business website or contact their support for detailed information.

How do I manage refunds through Paytm Business?

  • Refunds can be managed directly from your Paytm Business dashboard. You can initiate a refund against a transaction by entering the transaction ID and the amount you wish to refund. The refunded amount will be credited back to the customer's original payment method.

Is there a limit to the number of transactions I can process through Paytm Business?

  • There is no set limit to the number of transactions you can process through Paytm Business. However, depending on your business type and transaction volume, Paytm may conduct periodic reviews of your account.

How can I get customer support for Paytm Business?

  • Paytm Business offers customer support through various channels, including email, phone, and a help center on their website. You can reach out to them with any queries or issues related to your Paytm Business account.

Can I accept international payments through Paytm Business?

  • Paytm Business primarily supports transactions in Indian Rupees (INR). For accepting international payments, you might need to explore other services or payment solutions that specialize in cross-border transactions.

What security measures does Paytm Business have in place?

  • Paytm Business employs robust security measures, including SSL encryption, two-factor authentication, and compliance with PCI DSS standards, to ensure the safety of your transactions and customer data.

How do I access detailed reports on my transactions?

  • You can access detailed reports on your transactions through the Paytm Business dashboard. The platform provides comprehensive analytics and reporting tools that allow you to track sales, monitor transaction statuses, and analyze payment trends.

What happens if a transaction fails on Paytm Business?

  • In case of a transaction failure, the amount is typically refunded to the customer's original payment method within a few working days. You can track the status of failed transactions and their refunds through your Paytm Business dashboard.

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